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In this section you will learn about the locations, countries and schools involved in Erasmus +. Our project brings together students and staff from Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway and Spain.
Click on the name of the school to go directly to their website for more information.



This is the only grammar school in the county of Amberg-Sulzbach, Germany. The school has close to 800 students, both male and female and 60 teachers.

Students come directly from Sulzbach-Rosenberg or the surrounding rural villages. English, Latin and French are taught here, with an option to study Spanish or Italian in certain school years.

This school offers many international opportunities including exchanges to Spain, France, the Czech Republic or Ireland as well as a regular language trip to England. HCA Gymnasium has previously worked on a Comenius project with Poland, Italy, Spain and Turkey as well as 2 Erasmus+ projects with Ireland.



This is a co-educational school in a rural setting in County Tipperary, Ireland. Students attend from approximately a 12 kilometre radius of the school, with current enrolment at over 500. There are 60 members of staff.
This school caters for students from a wide range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, as well as those with specific educational needs. There is a dedicated, two classroom centre for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
This Erasmus+ project is BCC's third.



Seta is a small town in the Eastern part of Kedainiai region,Lithuania with about 1000 inhabitants.Our school has 250 students and 39 teachers including student support specialists like psychologist, speech therapist, social educator.Seta gymnasium provides compulsory primary(1-4 Grades), basic(5-8 Grades)and secondary(9-12 Grades)education for local students and those from surrounding areas.Many students travel to school by bus from up to 25 km away. This project is our 2nd with Erasmus+.


otta school.jpg

This is an upper secondary school in the municipality of Sel and the region of Oppland in Norway. The city of Otta is situated by the Rondane National Park.

The school has around 170 students, most of whom are born in Otta. They study all subjects on the Norwegian curriculum, as well as electives such as drama. There are 25 staff members. We have worked with Erasmus+ for the past 5 years.


spain school.png

This school is located in a region of Spain called Castilla La Mancha, in the little town of Villanueva de los Infantes. The town is part of 'El Campo de Montiel, along with another 13 nearby villages, where the nearly 400 students attending the school come from. There are 40 teachers.

There are a number of immigrant families with links to the school from areas like Romania, South America and Morocco.

This school has previously taken part in Comenius projects and encourages students to think internationally. We have worked for 6 years with Erasmus+.

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