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 Spain make their local newspaper 

 Our project in the Nenagh Guardian 


Report on the Spanish mobality published in the Nenagh Guardian 

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We participated in a virtual mobility hosted by Spain. This is the first mobility of our project .Due to us being at home our class all engaged online by ourselves. Originally we would have travelled to Spain to engage in person but as a result of the pandemic this way no longer possible . We did a lot of different activities like art ,cooking, breakout rooms and presentations. We all enjoyed our week and couldn't wait for our next mobility 

For the Norway Mobility we were all in school so we got to participate as a group , we all sat at our computers with our headphones engaging in the online mobility . This was a lot easier to engage in as our class was together. We did many different activities from our last mobility such as learning more about the geographical places in each country , we cooked in our home ec room, we did outdoor monopoly and many more fun activities.

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