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Irish Mobility

Monday 21st of October. We welcomed Lithuania, Spain, Germany and Norway to our school. We had an opening ceremony for the Irish mobility. Each country planted a tree. Tuesday we travelled to St Bridget’s Garden, Galway where we took part in a Global Goals challenge. Galway history museum was our next stop before heading to Salthill aquarium. Wednesday we began with Sustainable development Goal no.4 workshop. That evening we want to King’s John’s Castle and bowling. Thursday, preparations for the closing ceremony were ongoing while a hurling skills workshop took place. At 3 ó clock the ceremony took place. Friday morning Germany and Norway left for home. A cooking workshop through Irish took place before Spain and Lithuania left.   

German Virtual Visit

Students took part in a virtual Poetry Slam with their partner schools- 26th April 2022

TY Erasmus students learnt how to use the iMovie app and made their own short film- 27th April 2022

Students learned about UNSDG 16 Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions. Then made collages using the theme Freedom. Also made Kartoffelsalat- 28th April 2022

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