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Lithuanian Mobility


In September 2022 a group of 5th years travel to Seta in Lithuania. This was the first in person mobility of the Europe Evolving project. We were delighted to be able to travel and to give some of the students that worked through Covid 19 the chance to travel. The workshops focused on various installations in the school. We visited Grejus and Arnet's house for traditional Lithuanian crafts, toured Ciurlionis gallery and the Yoko Ono exhibit.

Irish Mobility

Monday 21st of October. We welcomed Lithuania, Spain, Germany and Norway to our school. We had an opening ceremony for the Irish mobility. Each country planted a tree. Tuesday we travelled to St Bridget’s Garden, Galway where we took part in a Global Goals challenge. Galway history museum was our next stop before heading to Salthill aquarium. Wednesday we began with Sustainable development Goal no.4 workshop. That evening we want to King’s John’s Castle and bowling. Thursday, preparations for the closing ceremony were ongoing while a hurling skills workshop took place. At 3 ó clock the ceremony took place. Friday morning Germany and Norway left for home. A cooking workshop through Irish took place before Spain and Lithuania left.   

German Mobilty

Virtual Visit

The German mobility took place online, despite our hope that we would be able to travel. We learned how to adapt our stories into audio books.

Norwegian Mobilty

Virtual Visit

The Norwegian Mobility took place online. We were unable to travel due to Covid 19 restrictions. The week began with a wonderful opening ceremony by our hosts.

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Spanish Mobility

This was held virtually on Monday the 8 th of March till Friday the 12 th of March 2021  . Each country prepared  PowerPoint on there schools and local town and also  participated in Kahoot's and we spent time in breakout rooms getting to know some of the other students . We focused on the sustainability goal  life on land by participating in a workshop on how to make olive oil and another workshop teaching the students about the skills needed to become a historian  , we also got the opportunity to make Spanish omelet and got a virtual tour around the town Villanueva De Los Infantes and on  the final day we were introduced to the mayoress of the town , Carmen Maria who did the closing ceremony 

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